The Great Majestic

The Majestic Stove Company produced stoves from the 1880’s until the 1940’s. While in business they produced approximately two million stoves. The Majestic Stove Company was in the group of the 10 largest in the United Sates prior to World War II.

The Great Majestic Cook Stove pictured is a cabinet model. It has a storage compartment below the cooking oven. The stove shown here is the smallest sized Majestic ever made in a full cookstove model. Less then 20% of stoves sold were this size, but in today’s placement it is ideal for modern kitchens or cabins.

Cook Stoves throughout the United States are exempt from EPA rulings, but must conform to local building codes for safety. The definition of a cook stove is that it must have a baking oven.

For Sale:  $4,900

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