Non-DEQ Certified

Stove Removal Program

Buck has not only been selling, restoring, and repairing woodstoves in the Portland area since 1974, he also has perfected ways to move them!

With over 35 years of experience Buck has developed specialized techniques, and incorporated equipment that allows him and his team to maneuver heavy woodstoves up stairs, down stairs, and around sharp corners. Be assured that if you need to remove an uncertified woodstove, Buck’s Stove Palace will do the job safely and promptly.   We’ll always roll out the carpet for you!

Oregon “Heat Smart” law was passed in 2009 and Senate Bill 102 took effect August 1st, 2010 requiring all uncertified woodstoves and inserts be decommissioned and removed when a home is sold. This law was designed to help protect home buyers and minimize wood smoke pollution.

DEQ News Release

Selling a house? Call Buck! Take the pressure off you the seller, buyer, or realtor trying to figure out how to remove such an awkward and heavy device. We’ve been transporting stoves for over 3 decades, and we can help you with the removal of yours!

That’s why you call us, Buck’s Stove Palace.  The experts in wood stove removal and decommission!

Stove Removal Flyer

Once the uncertified stove is removed we will provide you with a DEQ confirmation number.

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