Cawley 400

The Cawley 400 was a very popular stove in it’s day with thousands around the country still using it as primary source of heat during the colder months of the year.

Look at the Cawely 400 Specifications page to learn and examine the stove and to identify what parts you need.

Buck’s Stove Palace is the only source for replacement parts casted off the ORIGINAL patterns used by owner/founder Bob Cawley.

(Please note that there is an option to have holes tapped with bolts for an additional charge: $85 Top Plate & $55 Back Plate)

****Due to our local foundry closing after 40 years please call for all pricing and shipping availability**** 

Parts Available for Cawley 400:
1) Top Plate                                   Call For Pricing
2) Back Plate                                 Call For Pricing
3) Ignition Grid                           Call For Pricing
4) Top Baffle                                Call For Pricing
5) Side Burn Plate                      Call For Pricing
6) Rear Burn Plate                    Call For Pricing